The main focus of NOSHAN is to investigate the process and technologies needed to use food waste for feed production at low cost, low energy consumption and with maximal valorisation of starting wastes materials. Nutritional value and functionality according to animal needs as well as safety and quality issues will be investigated and addressed as main leading factors for the feed production using food derived (fruit/vegetable/plant and dairy).

Food wastes are characterized for their nutritional potential, but also suitable technologies to stabilize them and convert them into suitable raw materials for bulk feed will be investigated. Obtaining functional feed ingredients (additives) from these wastes will also be targeted as it is an important factor determining final feed cost and functionality in animals.

Two different groups of activities will be thus addressed:

  • Replacement of bulk feed ingredients (constituting up to 90-95% of feed weight) with starting waste materials to cope with part of the huge amounts of food waste generated in Europe.

  • Valorisation of active ingredients as well as the upgrade of waste into more valuable feed additives will be studied. The later constitute approximately the half of the feed cost.



Feed products suitable based on stabilized wastes as co-streams and with inclusion of needed additives (both derived from wastes or commercial) with a guarantee of safety and absence of pathogens and contaminants.

Functional feed ingredients and bioactives derived from food wastes target to special needs for animals.

A 100% guarantee in feed safety based on an intensive monitoring of the production process from raw wastes to final product with a quality protocol and the definition of contamination critical points.



Suitable technology for the suitable separation of the solid content of dairy wastes without addition of chemicals and suitable for feed applications.

Energy and cost competitive technology for the drying and stabilization of food wastes (fruit/vegetable/dairy/plant) based on the novel application of drying and biological technologies in the feed sector.

Novel process for the extraction and upgrading of food waste into functional fibres and novel strategy, led by a bioinformatics approach, for the directed hydrolysis of waste protein into functional protein hydrolysates enriched in active peptides for target animal requirements.

Transference of an existing in vitro testing kit, used to evaluate the intestinal absorption for human application, to the animal sector.

Novel process for the production of feed with waste as co-streams with suitable throughput, quality, safety and cost.

New technology for bioactives protection in feed production processes via in situ coating with biopolymers.



NOSHAN will lead to new process/processes for the correct conditioning and stabilization of different food wastes (fruit/vegetable/dairy/plant) with a single technology or combination of them with minimal energy and material inputs.

NOSHAN will investigate a full process from the conditioning to the production of feed utilizing wastes as co-streams and additives, when required, derived from food wastes that is technical and economically viable and with the maximal sustainability.

NOSHAN will develop a process for feed production from food waste based on a complete characterization of starting and processed materials that can lead not only the selection of different waste streams but also adapt them to the requirements of target animals (pigs and poultry). This will be expanded via a molecular characterization of bioactives leading to desired functionalities for animals.



NOSHAN main scientific and technical objective is to enable the use of food waste for functional and safe feed production at low cost, low energy consumption and with maximal valorisation of starting materials. NOSHAN main objectives include both the use of food wastes (fruit/vegetable/plant and dairy) for bulk feed production and for obtaining functional ingredients and bioactives.

Specifiic scientific and technological objectives:

- Create a broad portfolio of valorised wastes for feed production according to their potential nutritional properties, quantities produced, seasonality, possibility of stabilisation, safety and regulatory issues, cost and logisitics.

- Characterize at a molecular level the different waste streams to provide the best technology for the best raw material to obtain the desired nutritional/functional properties.

- Develop high-advanced technologies for conditioning, stabilising seasonal wastes by physico-chemical and biological strategies, extracting high-added value compounds and feed production

- Integrate the developed technologies in an innovative low-cost and low energy tailor made procedure for valorising food waste for production of safety and compound functional feed.

- To demonstrate the feasibility of the procedures at pre-industrial level by scaling-up the most efficient technologies

- Validate the functionality of feed additives and compound feeds in in vitro and in vivo tests to the final animal derived products intended for human consumption.

- To validate the sustainability of the NOSHAN processes and products through the whole value chain, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) tools.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 312140

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