The present database of food waste characterisation shows the composition of the food waste samples analysed within NOSHAN project in order to define the ones most suited for their transformation in bulk feed and to extract from them feed ingredients. This database represents a very deep overview of the molecular composition of different food wastes, detailing for the first time their potential for subsequent reuse focusing on their composition at the molecular level.

Some of this data has been published in the following reference papers:

  • Stefano Sforza, 2014. Determination of Pectins. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
  • Elst, Babbar, Dejonghe, Gatti, Sforza, 2015. Pectic oligosaccharides from agricultural by-products: Production, Characterization and health benefits. BBTN, Critical Reviews in Biotechnology.
  • Babbar, Roy, Wijnants, Dejonghe, Caligiani, Sforza,Elst, 2015. Effect of extraction conditions on the saccharide (neutral and acidic) composition of the crude pectic extract from various agro-industrial residues. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


Below you will find a list of all the waste streams that have been characterized. Click on the name of the waste stream of your interest to download a technical factsheet about its molecular composition.

If you use the data please mention the source of this data, that comes from NOSHAN project financed by the European Commission under the grant agreement nº 312140.